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Poster Presentations 

Hugo Obermaier Tagung 2016


April 23 till April 27 2019


Poster Roussel 2019

Significance of new evidences for Châtelperronian bladelet production from Les Cottés (Vienne, France)

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0064


Poster Simon et al 2019

Engraved cortices from the Gravettian site of Krems-Wachtberg (Austria)

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0065


Poster Simon 2019

Gravettian ivory beads at Krems-Wachtberg (Austria)

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0066


Poster Wiśniewski 2019

Late Palaeolithic Settlement in the Lublin Upland (eastern Poland) - a new data

DOI: 10.12853/POSTER.NESPOS.0067