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Heinrich Wendel the Artist

Heinrich Wendel was no ordinary stage designer. He was a spiritual man with universal interests. He played the organ, ran an observatory, held lectures about cave art, mythology and philosophy and was anxious to reflect his world view of the unity of humans and the cosmos in his work. At the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf Wendel, together with the photographer Gerd Körner, constructed a unique form of visualisation: the so-called "plastic projection". He took perspective photos of a spatial model in small format; these photos were then projected via large projectors onto the stage and in this way created a light space. The audience percieved a concrete room with all its plastic elements. It was however an imaginary room - in other words, formed light - though which the actors on stage could walk without effort. Light had a special symbolic energy in all of Heinrich Wendel's stage designs. His deep understanding of the plastic capacities of light resulted in his unique inside into the staging of Ice Age cave art.

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