Please note: this site is currently in maintenance mode and will be restructured. Some features might not work as expected.

If you need support, please remember to send the following items:

1) Information about your Hardware: send the contents of the OpenGL tab of ArteCore's about-box. Or use GLinfo2 to check the OpenGL version on your computer. GLInfo2 will display something like this:

Important is the vendor (NVIDIA) and the OpenGL Version (at least 2.00)

2) the logfiles: they can be found in your data directory: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\visicore\

If you are instructed to send detailed log files, you must first add an environment variable:

  • Right-Click on My Computer (on the Desktop) and pick "Properties"
  • Click the "Advanced" Tab, then "Environment Variables"
  • to create a new variable, click "New"
  • now enter as variable name "AC_LOG_VERBOSITY", and as value "DEBUG" (without the quotes)

Now restart ArteCore. ArteCore will now create much bigger log-files containing more information to help up diagnose the problem. This will also cause AreCore to run more slowly, so remove this environment variable once the issue has been solved.