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General Information

Site Name: Předmostí I-III

Synonym Name(s):

Site Type: open air

More Info to Site Type: limestone formation

Discovery Year: 1880

First Description: J. Wankel, 1880

Chronological Abstract: The Predmosti area can be structured into several settlement concentrations (Veleminska et al. 2008).



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General Location Description: Czech Republic


Latitude (WGS84): 49.468° N

Longitude (WGS84): 17.437° E

Altitude: 216m

GIS Precision:

Other Coordinates: Předmostí (Moravian region, Czech Republic)


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Bibliography: Veleminska & Bruzek 2008; Veleminska et al. 2008; Svoboda 2008; Farbstein & Svoboda 2007; Drozdová 2002

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Linked Pages: Czech Republic - Anatomically Modern human


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