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6-Faces Model




Altamura 3 - individuum n°1

skull, mandible, humeri, ulna, radius, ilei, femora, tibiae, fibulae, several
rib elements are recognizable, vertebral body and a carpal element





Archi - individuum n°1

mandible with incomplete dentition


STL Archi 1



Bisceglie - femur (Bisceglie 1 )

diaphyseal shaft of femur including the lesser trochanter and a portion of the neck





Breuil XI - molar M3

isolated tooth M3




Ciota Ciara, Monte Fenera

Ciota Ciara - cranial fragment temporal

cranial fragment, temporal





Ciota Ciara - molar M2

isolated tooth, M2





Ciota Ciara - premolar P3

isolated tooth P3





Fate - individuum n° 1

incomplete frontal bone





Fate - individuum n° 2

incomplete mandible





Fate - individuum n° 3

incomplete mandible





Fate - individuum n° 4

portion of the occipital squama





Fate - individuum n° 5

left mandibular M2





Fate - individuum n° 6

crown of right mandibular M1





Fate - individuum n° 7

right maxillary P3





Fate - individuum n° 8

right maxillary P3





Fate - individuum n° 9

very fragmentary maxillary molar





Fate - individuum n° 10

hand phalanx (V?)





Fate - individuum n° 11

fragmentary left maxillary incisor (I2?)





Fate - individuum n° 12

crwon of left mandibular M2





Fate - individuum n° 13

crown of right maxillary M1





Fate - individuum n° 14

left maxillary M1





Fate - individuum n° 15

right mandibular I2





Fate - individuum n° 16

incomplete right zygomatic bone





Fosselone - mandible (Fosselone 3)

left P4, M1 and M2





Fumane A 11 - human remain assemblage (Fumane 1)

right deciduous molar M2





Fumane A 12 - cranial fragment (Fumane 3)

fragment of left maxillary I2




Grotta del Principe

Grotta del Principe Br 2 - human remain object

iliac bone




Guattari Cave

Guattari 1

cranium with damaged base and right orbital region



CT Guattari 1, info


Guattari 2

right mandibular M3


STL Guattari 2 lower M2



Guattari 3

incomplete mandible


STL Guattari 3 mandible
STL Guattari 3 lower M1
STL Guattari 3 lower M2-M3
STL Guattari 3_lower_M1-M3

CT Guattari 3 mandible


Maglie - molar (Maglie 1)

right mandibular molar, probably M3




Molare, Scario

Molare 14 - mandible (Molare 1)

right and left mandibular M1 and M2





Nicotera - human remain assemblage

almost intact left parietale





Saccopastore 2a - cranium (Saccopastore 1)






Saccopastore 3a - cranium (Saccopastore 2)

incomplete cranium