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6-Faces Model




Columbeira 9 - molar M1

left, upper, unerrupted germ of M1




Figueira Brava


left upper premolar

6Face Figueira Brava Tooth



Gruta da Oliveira

Oliveira U18-67

intermediate hand phalanx


STL Oliveira U18-67



Oliveira T17-73

right ulna fragment


STL Oliveira T17-73



Gruta da Oliveira 15 - ulna (Oliveira 246)

ulna fragment





Gruta da Oliveira 16 - rib (Oliveira 65)

right ribshaft fragment





Oliveira O17-362

right distal humerus fragment


STL Oliveira O17-362



Oliveira O16-422

right distal humerus fragment


STL Oliveira O16-422



Oliveira P15-A57

proximal hand phalanx


STL Oliveira P15-A57



Oliveira P16-A57

lower canine


STL Oliveira P16-A57



Oliveira P15-294

two cranial fragments





Oliveira O18-720

left distal tibia fragment


STL Oliveira O18-720


Gruta de Salemas

Gruta de Salemas IV - deciduous molar dm2

left deciduous molar